Professor. Hamid Moradkhani
Alton N. Scott Endowed Chair of Engineering
Director, Center for Complex Hydrosystems Research
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Led by @zhangboenvip, @Hydroclimate07, we looked into the significant increase of whiplash in the poorest 20% of the world's population, and unraveled the connection between poverty and drought-to-downpour in a warmer world https://agupubs.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1029/2023GL105640

📣Check out our recent work led by @MerajSohrabi published in @EarthsFutureEiC, A dependence-informed sampling scheme is presented to help reduce computational complexity of compound flood risk assessment w/@HamidMoradkhani @UofAlabama @bamaengineering https://shorturl.at/ahH58

If you are using ChatGPT for your academic or professional endeavors, you might be interested in our editorial piece on "ChatGPT in Hydrology and Earth Sciences....", @EhsanForoumandi, @kaminisingha, @hydroaholics, Xavier Sanchez, Gia Destouni, @theAGU

Thanks to @theAGU news for covering our recent work showing that extreme coastal #flooding is on the rise in a warming climate; published in @EarthsFutureEiC led by @boumisgeorgios ; w/ @HamidMoradkhani @bamaengineering @UofAlabama

A great effort led by @GavahiKeyhan to fuse several satellite, gage-based and reanalysis products by #deeplearning to have a most reliable QPE that fully exploit the spatial and temporal patterns of precipitation; a product to use! @EhsanFrmd @UA_CIROH

🚨another nice work led by @boumisgeorgios in Coastal Engineering @Elsevier_Eng ! The proposed Bayesian model reduces storm surge height estimation uncertainty at gauged basins & helps estimate heights at ungauged coasts! w/@HamidMoradkhani @UofAlabama https://rb.gy/7pfu3

Pleased to share our paper @NatureComms on a first ever developed ML-based Socio-Economic-Infrastructure vulnerability index for natural hazards at the block level across the U.S. @FarnazYarveysi @AlipourAtieh @HamedMoftakhari @Kjafarza @UofAlabama

📢 Our paper on "Social Response & Disaster Management: Insights from Twitter Data Assimilation on Hurricane Ian" is now published in International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction! 🌪️
With @HamidMoradkhani 🙏


#NPL #DisasterResponse #TwitterData

Unlocking the Secrets of Floods. Pleased to share our Editor's Vox in EOS: , @Kjafarza, @HamedMoftakhari, @AGU_Eos, @theAGU, #AGUpubs

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